Sunday, January 18, 2009

stash and hair

No more buying fabric till I know what I have...

I am afraid I have a stash. And I know every sewer(sewist?) has one, but I'm only 20... and kinda afraid a lot of mine is junk, or pieces too small to really be of use. And I don't know what I have, or how to organize it. Any ideas?

And more fun: These are the bobby pin hair doodahs actually against my hair... excuse the poor picture quality. It's not easy to photograph the back of your head!

What do you think? Would these work tucked in an updo?


  1. oooh! I like them. I wasn't sure when I saw them by themselves, but against your hair.. well they look awesome!

  2. are those the same ones from the earlier post, the bobby pins with the cute shiny bits? i think theyre cute and would look great. go for it


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