Saturday, January 17, 2009

My life this week:

I just posted that with no words... Note to self: Don't push enter on a title in Blogger.

Kay, here goes...

Sewed some... The main pieces(read: the body, not the gores)went together Wednesday, and I wound up tuelle to make the hem ruffle...
Didn't sew. It was a crazy day and I was sleepy. But I did pin the top and middle layers of crinoline for the petticoat. I am probly going to do the ribbon treatment for all of the seams in the crinoline, not because it's next to my skin, but just because the devil is in the details and I want the devil all over this dress.
I was exhausted, and found a streak of masochism in myself, because I put all 8 gores in in one sitting... The first one was rough, but they went in better and better with each one. I have to move 2 or 3 down, and this is where I wish I had done some type of marking on the muslin to transfer to the dress. They didn't all go in at the same place in the seam, so a few are wonky. Dots or tacks at the same distance from the waist on every piece would have helped a great deal.
I also added to the stash to the tune of 7 patterns and 6 yards of fabric...Hancock's has a great sale on patterns right now. But more on that to come.
Didn't sew, but did pull some knitting out. It was fun.
And I am going to count and see how many yards of fabric I have so I can do a yards in/garments out type of thing from now on. This'll (hopefully)help me get better with the sewing journals!

And the week till next Wednesday:

Church nursery, some cleanup/sewing time, youth group, MLK community service at church, dinner with the boy, maybe a movie... Studying has to happen. So does(sigh) pressing the seams. I hate pressing sometimes...
No class so I will sew, and hopefully have it put-on-able to do the nasty task of leveling the hem, at least for the lining. I am going to do a tiny hem in the taffeta, by machine(I know, I know...that's cheating), and the lining hem will be finished with 2 colors of netting.
Insert petticoat. Level top hem.
Put in top hem, finish hair thingies... Still don't know if I like them. What do you think?
steam, check everything, bead, if I am on schedule
Wear the dress to formal. Take lots of pictures. Finalize a name.

Now I leave you with a question:
do these accessories work? Would you wear a necklace? Earrings are gonna for sure happen... Do I bother with a clutch or make the boy be pockets?


  1. Hmm. So much depends on everything else. As for the necklace, I suppose it depends on how big/glam the earrings are. If they're fairly small and demure, I would go with a necklace. But if they're big and/or sparkly, I'd go without the necklace. I do like the shoes, but I think I'd have to see the bobby pins in action before rendering judgment. Your dress is coming out beautifully, though, so I think that will shine the brightest, accessories notwithsanding :)

  2. I think the choice of gold for accessories is a brilliant idea! That neckline rather cries out for a necklace, but amanda's right... the earrings and necklace have to work together in scale (not matchy-matchy but co-ordinating).

  3. I'm terrible with accessories. But just wanted to say pop in and say "Hi."


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