Monday, January 5, 2009

My SWAP inspiration, courtesy of Polyvore... I LOVE this thing! Just google polyvore if you are curious.

This is a base for an easy-travel wardrobe for a trip to Turkey... 5 weeks studying abroad!

The tan skirt could be a refashion of a silk skirt that my mom gave me from the depths of her closet. The white... I really want a white skirt, no matter how impractical. Dresses will also be really nice to have, I will probably take 2 or 3.

I plan to use LOTS of cottons though. It'll kinda be necessary to make it washable. And breathable.

I also did my best to make it more conservative, not so much exposed... or easily camisoles underneath to make things appropriate.

So we will see how this actualizes... If you have any idea of where to find patterns like these send them my way!


  1. How cute! I especially like the white lace top and the rose top! Are you really going to spend 5 weeks studying in Turkey? OMG - that is SO cool! What will you be studying? Please, tell all!

  2. you're going to want to be moderately covered in turkey to avoid unwanted attention. you're also going to want to bring an extra empty bag for the yarn and fabric you can buy there. the textiles are AMAZING and inexpensive. really fun clothing and shoes, too.


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