Thursday, January 29, 2009

Revisiting the list...

I was not very successful, at all.... Here's my list from late November. Blue means done, green means I may not do it after all... I'll give you a reason.


-hem 4+ pairs of pants( Turns out they don't all need hems. Maybe 1. Wearing and washing for a month made a difference)
-do something w/ buttonholes on peacoat(TOO COLD to give up my warmest jacket. It'll go on the way back burner, and I will think about it come the thaw.)
-take in waists on 4+ pr pants, sew back pockets shut and cut out on some
-take in black cocktail dress(I decided to give it to Goodwill. Wasn't going to be flattering enough to bother.)

-red dress for formal in Jan.
-SWAP pieces (need to decide if I really have the time/resources to follow along...)
sweater-knit dress(The sweater knit I wanted to make this out of is no longer available...)
-chocolate dress
-Hello Sailor pants
-chocolate cord skirt
-tan linen skirt... need to find fun way to dress it up, it's a plain jane thing right now... maybe some kickpleats in a contrast w/ matching contrast waistband?
-red pants
-tops for Swap? I have sketches and I'd draft patterns or find them... no clue yet.
-silvery-gold Dupioni dress for formal in April
-blue herringbone purse
-curtain fix(took em down. They'd block too much light no matter what.)
-draft pullover pattern
-messenger bag
-2 laundry bags for grads to fill with:
-fleece blankets(they got them for Christmas from Nana)
-a book about college
-notepad, envelopes, stamps
-smaller bags: tote for the girl, messenger for the boy

Pad and adjust dressform from Salvation Army... In really good shape just a bit small! Will be SO nice for hems and things...(The wheels still work so she won't need it as much as I thought.)

-Order pictures for events this year
-organize paper stash-- figure that one out...
-update table of contents
-2-pg spread of childhood... need to see if pics to fill gaps exist! (started)
-Finish camp 05
-Finish Decathlon
-Finish Epworth 06
-Finish grad/prom 06
-camp 06
-last summer, look back
-Freshman year:
-Sorority fun times
-Friends and craziness, Rocky Horror
-Nessie's wedding
-Sophomore Year
-Internship staff and fun times
-sorority fun times... family tree w/littles!
-Tgiving/Christmas w/ family
-fun times
-Summer... first sermon!
-Junior Year
-Sorority fun times
-Visit w.Grandma

Learn to purl

Yeah. No huge accomplishments... And I want to add stuff to the list!

I put my SWAP in italics, because it has evolved into the wardrobe for my trip to Turkey this summer... While some of those will still work, others are no longer practical... The nice warm thick fabrics can stay in the stash for a little longer. And I am making organizing a priority in all of this. No more not being able to access this stuff. Or not knowing what fabrics I have. I'll have to photograph the scrapbook stuff organized... Not gonna lie, I am definately a fan! I was able to take it with me to Michigan and scrapbook lots!

So before I conquer that list I'm gonna conquer this one:
-Catalog stash... No buying till I do!
-Help get Tartuffe up. Sew for the play as much as possible. MY stuff can wait, but we can't have naked actors!
-Finish table.
-Clean room. Keep it that way.

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  1. I'm kind of laughing because I tend to do the same thing-- make these lofty goal lists and then not really get any of it done or get sidetracked by other projects! Good luck with yours!


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