Sunday, January 11, 2009

bones, bows, and toes!

You all are patient people... It has its reward!

Pictures from adventures in the land of boning:

The green lines are where I put bones after I tried it on and then took it off and took the picture.
I was hoping it would make for more of a smooth line, and not have me sacrificing too much comfort, and I have to say !
I still move and bend, and I feel like nothing is going to go where it shouldn't, so I am probably more comfortable with the bones than I would be without them.
And I talked about it in a previous post, but I really don't feel them. Like it's comfortable.

.....I must be an anachronism. Bones are comfortable?? Or I can think of it as having all of the curving and filing ends as being the reason... That suits my vanity just fine.

You all have given me much food for thought on the business of accessories as well. One of my favorite ways to accessorize is using my hair. I know it sounds strange, but for special occasions I will make bobby pins that are adorned to go with the dress. Here is one thought for this dress. I used some of the gold tuelle to make florets, and attatched beads to one... the other two are a bit more floaty. They'll be right at home in my curls, and if the tuelle is together enough, will actually show up. I also remembered a pair of shoes I bought to wear with a dress I borrowed from a friend last year. They are by Chinese Laundry, and the heel measures just under 4 inches,and in my mind qualifies as a stiletto with a width under 1/2 an inch on one side. which would put me pretty close to taller than the boy, but I don't think he'll mind:
He'll be pretty excited... And speak of the devil, he's 3 minutes away, and I havn't seen him in almost a month, so bye!

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