Saturday, January 10, 2009

dem bones, dem bones...

There are 11.

That's no lie. 11.

I used grosgrain ribbon channels, and cut and shaped 11 bones. 6 in back and 5 in front. Then I put the underlining on...
And it didn't bother me at all. The bones were plastic, and because I rounded them and placed them where they were, it just felt good. Supported.

The dress is going well, despite life's craziness... I am done with the lining till I put the whole thing together, and the real fabric is laying on the ginormous table, pattern on it, to be cut. I'm excited about how good the underlining feels though! The bones are SO nice, and it feels GOOD.

Or I'm crazy. This is life since Wednesday:

W: Class, sewing, running errands, auditions, baking, white elephant exchange, a glass of wine/conversation to get rid of excess cookies etc., homework, bed.
T: Class, sewing, waiting for callback list, sewing, brief food moment, sewing, callbacks, decorating, homework, sleep.
F: workout, class, sewing, waiting for cast list, cast meeting, sewing, shower, decorating, Dance of the Decades, fun with friends, cleanup time, and I am headed for dreamland now!

Tomorrow I am cutting the taffeta! And I have no Stage Manager duties so I should have time to sew!

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