Tuesday, January 20, 2009

progress and a complication

Okay progress:
-Petticoat started- top 2 layers are attached, pinning the 3rd tonight... attaching tomorrow
-bodice and dress attached
-3 gores that were screwy are ripped and repinned
-bottom ruffle for lining is halfway stitched together. A step I forgot to mention, but is well worth the time.

Still WAY not as far ahead as I wanted to be, due to some very impromptu complications that resulted in losing a night of sewing to re-arranging my room... And a trip to go snowtubing! I had never even been sledding, so it was LOTS of fun... I am pretty excited about the whole idea at the moment.

Off to finish cleanup, and the necklace/earring set I am hoping will match the dress... No buying accessories! Wardrobe Refashion says so... And I don't generally wear a lot of gold/amber tones, and my red stuff is the wrong red. Still got quite a bit to do! But Midnight was finished in the eleventh hour too. Maybe it's just these dresses named after times of day...

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