Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sewing on Air

The lining is done. Last night, after 3 tries and a lesson in how to use a hem tool, I leveled a sadly uneven hem... And as a result, I got the right length, and a funky circle. Over 10 yards of tuelle had been stitched together to make it easier to work with since they were 2 different lengths and colors, and 190 pins later, were ready to be attatched. I did the math... the skirt is about 170 inches around... so close to 2 inches of tuelle to one inch of lining. That's a LOT of tuelle, and my boss comented that it was like sewing air.

At least it was pretty air.

But wait! There's MORE pretty air... I also completed the petticoat this morning, and ALL of the lining parts have now been stitched! They are on the mannequin, waiting for me to come see them right now and take their picture and finish the pretty covering for them... Which just needs a zipper before attatchment and a hem....

So less blogging, more sewing... AND making jewelry.

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  1. If you had a lot of bias grain in the skirt you were going to get uneven drooping of the hem... it was not you, just a property of bias!

    It's looking gooooood...


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