Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Dress. Complete.

Here it is... In sihlouette... The only full picture of the dress. Sorry! But it was full and fun, and the ruffle peeked out just enough, and I may try to convince a friend to do a shoot for me.

Once the lining was together, the dress came together farly quickly till I got to the straps... They were a PITA! There were some nervous minutes where I didn't know if the dress would fit once everything was together, but it did, if being a little tighter than I remembered... Looked pretty great though.

I finished the dress at 4:15 that day, and then got back to my room to do hair and makeup only to see that one of the straps was twisted! So I did my hair and makeup in 15 minutes, (Ben Nye stage cake makeup is a Godsend... the key to skipping concealer and worth every penny) and then ran back to the shop, did a messy quickfix that was necessary but I already regret... I had to be at rehearsal 10 minutes from when I got to the shop.

During warmups I made a flower out of tuelle to cloak my messy quickfix, which added rather than detracted, and after rehearsal I made very instant teardrop earrings and necklace using clear thread, and was on my way!

Formal was fun. The Boy treated me to an AMAZING dinner at Malone's, which is one of the top 10 steakhouses in the US. It was yummy... I had bacon-wrapped filet medallions and asparagus. YUM! We followed that up with lots of fun-filled dancing, including some twirls... I love to spin in dresses like this... And it was a good night! I think we are going to try to take some dance classes since we both had fun.

I will do a Pattern-review type post soonish on this. After I have time to let it simmer.

I am also in the process of beginning to catalog the stash... not as big an endeavor for me as for some, but big enough, what with classes and the homework I should be doing now.


  1. Sarah, it looks gorgeous, and more importantly looks like it made you feel gorgeous! Well done! K

  2. very nice!! glad someone likes to sew clothes cuz I sure don't!!

  3. Great looking dress, Sarah! What a stunning color on you!


  4. Fantastic! Well done, Sarah. You look stunning!

  5. Looks great! All that hard work really paid off. And good luck with the stash cataloging-- I just finished mine on Saturday.

  6. I love it!! You look absolutely beautiful. Good Job!

  7. Congratulations... you look absolutely radiant!

  8. I strongly urge you to take ballroom dance lessons! Not only is it good excercise and a way to make new friends, you will feel amazing on a dance floor! Great dress for dancing!

  9. Oh Sarah, it's beautiful! You are beautiful! It looks like a dream to dance in! :)


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