Thursday, December 4, 2008

yay! Picture time!

It fits.
On my body.

Not gonna lie, there are fitting problems... like those ripples on the bodice. I don't think that's just because I used a relatively cheap muslin, so boo...
The dress is as fitted as I want for it to be, meaning it is not too tight or too loose. And that's on the first shot at drafting, so I am pretty pleased with myself. But there are things I need to fix on the muslin...
  • those ripples! urgh...
  • A lining. The pictures you see are unlined. I will have to take the dress apart for a lining pattern, so yeah....
  • room for cups maybe? The back means no conventional bra, strapless or otherwise, so I am trying to decide if I want to mess with an unconventional one... Right now I am leaning towards no. If I already had one I'd do it...
  • the straps
See anything else?


  1. I think it looks great! Instead of worrying about the back/bra dilemma, you could just use those cuos that stick to your skin when you wear the dress.

  2. It looks great! Well done. Looking forward to seeing the finished dress. Is it for a special event?

  3. I really like it! keep it up, can't wait to see it when its done ;)


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