Friday, December 26, 2008

I know, I know....

Bad Sarah.

No blog posts in quite a while, and Google Reader says I have 91 blogs to read! Shame on me!

But I have been spending some awesome times with Mom and my younger brother... and I was in the Christmas Eve service at church, which seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition...

On the crafting front, I have an awesome skirt in progress for a cousin... She got the pieces in a box for Christmas and before I did a 5 or 6-tiered gathered skirt, I wanted to know she'd like the colors.

I also have some other presents up my sleeve... more on them later.

Right now I have to go wash up after helping my mom in the calf barn feeding her 4-legged babies... She takes care of the milk cow's calves so that they can drink milk replacer and we can drink their milk. I bottle-fed 3 today, and did buckets and watered lots...

Pictures soon! Food now....


  1. Hi Sarah:

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday! Enjoy this time with your loved ones, the blog and your friends will be here when you come back. :):):)


  2. that happens within the Holidays, don't worry about it! I hope you had a great Christmas! :)


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