Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SWAPping has a purpose.

I havn't done much at all to follow along in SWAP land. If I am being honest, I didn't think about how it could have purpose other than adding some cute stuff to my wardrobe and teaching me things.

Then I realized I have a lot of clothing, thanks in no small part to pictures if my closet, and this article but I didn't have many good staple pieces that I would feel comforable wearing all of the time and being the woman in the airport with the tiny bag.

So now my SWAP has more of a purpose at the moment... I am going to make the pieces I need to coordinate and travel well and fill in gaps in my wardrobe. The bottoms don't all have to go with each other, and if the tops don't go with every bottom it won't be the end of the world. I'm not an official entrant because I'm playing with some of the rules to meet my needs, and I may not make all of the pieces. Just what time and money allow. My jacket is going to be red, so that won't be a big deal to pair with black or brown.

  • I will use black and grey in bottoms with my browns
  • I will make a black skirt on the casual side that still has structure
  • I'll make a brown dress that won't wrinkle all to hell and that I can wear dressed up and down
  • I'll make attempts to make tops, but won't stress over them. It'll be okay
Okay, off to think some more... maybe find some inspiration. I really need to study though. A storyboard will have to come later.

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  1. Hey buddy:

    I like your ideas! I've neglected my SWAP plans too, I have so much going on I can't even think of sewing. Which is sad, because I have been aching to sew. That's why I didn't enter officially, I knew I wouldn't be able to start until the beginning of '09 anyway. :( Oh well, I'll sew as much as I can....either way I win. I'll have a few new pieces that will come in handy. :)

    Hope your studying goes well. Ugh finals, I have one too!



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