Monday, December 8, 2008

Small Spaces....

Lots of STUFF to put in them!!!

I, as y'all have doubtless figured out, am a college student. And as such, I have learned that you have to squeeze everything you can out of your closet space...

My closet is about 3 feet wide, and goes floor to ceiling. The bar to hang things on has a shelf, but is on the low side...

And I know, I know, I should probably get rid of some of those clothes to make everything fit.... But I went through after I saw just how crowded things look in the pictures, and really, the only things I don't wear in all of that are the ones that are too big because what they say about someone who sews for themselves getting to stuff for themselves is SO true.

Some key things...

-Tap nails will hold scarves and have them ready to go
matching hangers are your friends.... BUT not if they are all wires... I am rid of all wire hangers! It was an accomplishment, trust me. The stick-ums with the Command stuff by 3M are also VERY friendly to all kinds of paint finishes. I put them in every graduation/housewarming present I give to people living in space that isn't permanently theirs. That's what's holding purses and stuff.

-A shoe rack is also your friend... and the best ones aren't always meant for shoes. It keeps all 10 pairs that are my favorites handy, and the rest go in an inexpensive bin on the floor. These organizers come in different widths, and it is SOOO worth it to buy the canvas ones for a few extra dollars. The one in the photo has held up through LOTS... 5 moves.

-A system that I follow EVERY time I put things away. Even if it looks crowded, I know where everything is, and what I have. My clothes are mostly organized by type of clothing: light jackets/blazers, then long-sleeve shirts, then medium-sleeves, then sleeveless, then skirts, skirt suits, pants, pant suits, formalwear, and winter-weight coats.

-A separate place for sweaters and sweatshirts. They are in bins, taking care of vertical space! Using the space above the rack where everything hangs is crucial. My closet was a mess before I got those bins. If my sweaters were on hangers, they would take up space AND get deformed! Sweaters are sorted by sleeve length and hoodies are on top. That vertical space also holds emergency supplies like a first aid kit and my asthma stuff. Laundry supplies also have a home. So do extra hangers.

Okay. That was this week's small space. There are a few to do... But it's finals week, so everything is SUCH a mess!

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