Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Traditions

Nicki, over at Mimi's Room, posted about Christmas traditions today, and challenged her readers to do the same. So I did. And now I wanna hear about yours. Write a whole post if you like, but here's my challenge: Comment on this post with your favorite element of your family tradition, pretty please...

Every Christmas, there are certain things we as a family get together to do... In my extended family on my mom's side, we draw names from a hat, and have a Secret Santa... More often than not that side of the family ALL gathers for Thanksgiving, and so we have Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It's quite a feat to get everyone together, as my mom is the youngest of 5, and there are 17 grandchildren and 3 great-grands... The catch is that half of the grandkids are grown. I am in the middle and 20... And it is an adventure to get us all together and feed us all out of one kitchen... Thank goodness for double ovens.
This is just grandchildren and great-grandchildren... There were 7 adults and a few friends too... One family was missing last year. And everyone in this picture went to the movies after dinner and we saw Enchanted.
The adults cleaned up and hung out while all of us were gone, minus the baby I am holding... btw, not mine. Her proud daddy is standing right next to me... And the third great-grand was born about a month after this was taken.

We do have one really awesome tradition on a smaller scale... In my family, we put Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve after a candlelight service, and we get to open one present each... Then we put on PJs, wait up for Santa, and have latkes and Pancakes Christmas morning.


  1. Those are cool traditions and a GREAT picture! I'm kind of sad to say that our families don't really have any traditions... I guess my Dad does always cook a big meal to eat on Christmas Day - how's that for unusual? ;)

    We do the usual things - get together (usually only the small, immediate family), exchange gifts and eat. And it's a nice day. But there isn't anything - not even anything little - that I treasure as a family tradition. Kind of sad...

    I'm glad your family has so many happy ones! :)

  2. Dear Sarah:

    Thank you sooo much for your kinid words on my post, I really appreciate it. :):):):)

    What a great photo! You have a big family. :):):)

    Let's see, I had traditions as a child, but once we moved to the states it changed because most of our family was in Puerto Rico. So it was just mom dad, and little sis for a few years there.

    I became friends with this girl in high school and with time our families did too. So since then both families get together for christmas and pray the rosary and stuff. We have dinner and at midnight we exchange presents. The following morning my family and I exchange presents at home. Now I have some family memebers that moved here so the presents are more now. It's a fun tradition, and now both families have become practically family, so that's cool. :):):):)


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