Friday, December 3, 2010

a treat for me

So, I was given a gift of some money earmarked especially for fabric... and as I am trying to watch my spending, that suited me just fine... So I moseyed on over to yesterday, armed with a coupon, a list for some gifts, and my SWAP plan, and promptly picked out just enough to earn myself free shipping. I'll show you what I got for me, because some gift recipients are readers, so you'll just have to hold your horses to see those projects.
I'm really excited! This stuff will all be in/out yards... and as I have limited (read: absolutely none) space for stashing, I am thrilled with the idea of buying something with the intent to do something specific with it.

Now off to Hancock... I could kick myself. I forgot to order interfacing for the suit when I placed my fabric order!

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