Monday, December 6, 2010


... begin Thursday, when the first take-home is handed out.
We have practice exams, and I have pages to write for classes... and translation.

So, my contribution- what I offer for the week- is a queue of what will be done when I finish.

1. The Burda Turtleneck,
2. draft a skirt to make a SWAPtastic tneck dress
3. The suit jacket- alterations first, of course, but I'm hoping there won't be many evident on the tissue fit.
4. cut, cut, cut... SWAP sewing will be here before we know it, and I have bias strips to make, and many many things to cut out... I'm looking to cut all of my knits before I go home so I can get some quality time in with my serger, thus fulfilling the challenge to sew with knots on the serger... I have no idea how I will do hems... I don't have access to a coverstitch machine currently, and also don't have a serger manual yet because I don't know my model number...
5. some alterations for W, and, of course, gifts.

What are YOU up to?


  1. Ok, turnabouts fair play. If you get the turtleneck made into a dress you have to share how you did it.

  2. oh, I will! Summerset did a really neat one, but I don't want a skirt that full. Here's a link:


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