Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well, right now I should be sewing 8 tutus for children ranging from 9 months to 3 years. And 2 cowboy vests. Did I mention ladybug skirts and wings? Just two of each of those, thankfully. Or writing my sermon... now there's a good use of time.

Why not do these things? I have all of my supplies for the tutus and cowboy vests except for possibly the most important one... MEASUREMENTS. I know there are 6 girls and 2 boys. I know their age range, but I don't know how many are what ages, and I want for these to be right. I'm very close to just cutting them all the same, but this picture in my head of a baby drowning in a tutu meant for a 3-year old or a 3-year old getting frustrated and teary-eyed because she can't wear her tutu stops me.
I do, however, have a good idea of how these suckers are being made, and I feel like they'll come together very quickly, assembly-line fashion. Which is a Godsend, because I need to have them in the mail to NC by Tuesday. TUESDAY!

And the sermon... Well, I think that's how I'll spend my afternoon, but I won't have commentaries until Sunday. And A solid understanding of the scripture is the best foundation for any interpretation. I just know it'll be frustrating for me to do a sermon in the space of a week too... It's the part of ministry that makes me feel like a 2-year-old. Unable to do it because I haven't been really taught. It always works out alright though, because I let go and let God once I've done my best. It's all you can do sometimes.

In other news, I love ice packs right now because a cow stepped on my foot Thursday while we were trying to get it in the trailer for the butcher. Raising our own cows means it's hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and better for us, so we do the extra work, and sometimes see the bruises. Did you know pouring rubbing alcohol over ice cubes will keep the ice pack from re-freezing in a solid block once it gets all melty? It will be slushy and mold to your injured area instead. And revenge will be a steak served Medium-Rare... mmm.


  1. Sarah, I love you! My mom is well intentioned but doen not always think things through. If this project is a big stress to you than please let it go. (Especially the cowboy vests, I didn't even know about that). Tutus would be cute, but they are certainly not a necessity. If you would enjoy making them (or if my mom is paying you and it's worth the money) than go for it. Otherwise feel free to focus on your sermon.
    If you do make them I can't offer measurements but I can tell you there are 3 2 year olds. 2 around 18 months, and 2 that are about 1. and one itty bitty who doesn't necessarily need one or can get one to grow into. Really they can all be ones they can grow into.
    again, please don't make this a point of stress. love you!

  2. Glad to see you around again! I agree with the above, pick what you want/need to do, and let the rest go. Other people will generally jump in, just ask. And off topic (sort of): I have been getting beef from the farmer's market, grass finished raised organically, and I just committed today to buying a quarter for my freezer for the winter. Any tips on cooking this VERY lean beef? I've no problem with the ground beef and stewing, but the steaks I've been marinating and brining and they are still touch (no fat.) K


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