Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Applications make you think.

I've learned that when filling out anything that has to do with ordination or applying for a ministerial position, one must explore things that sometimes wouldn't be thought about otherwise. There are things that are SUCH a part of life that we don't think of them as life-changing, and we certainly don't think of them as having an impact on how we think and live.
While filling out an application for a position as minister of children and youth at a church near school, I thought of a million little moments that have made a big difference in how I live my life.
A million little phrases people mention, telling me to shine God's Light, or "God loves you and so do I", and one memorable time, a heartfelt 'Thank You'.
Seeing big things, like a smile on a young woman's face on seeing youth work to complete her home. The tears in the eyes of campers who were moving up to a new camp and who grew in themselves that week, and taught me more than they'll ever know.
I sat on a porch swing last night and just STARED at the sight of the moon in the clouds and lightening in the distance, and felt small. It was refreshing to remember I am small, and that being a child of God doesn't have to mean being big. God is there, in the whisper of the wind, in a smile, a laugh, and at the top of a mountain looking out onto a whole big world of hills I miss SO much right now.
Where is God for you?

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