Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WOW! A month and a half? Really?!?

Yep... Really.

I have...

... seen 2 distilleries on the Bourbon Tour, and peeked at a third... The Kentucky Bourbon Tour is made up of 6 distilleries with historic prominence in KY. They've got passports, and each distillery has a stamp.
Woodford Reserve is AMAZING. The drive out is beautiful and all of it really just takes your breath away. And the Angel's Share, which is where they store the barrels for the aging process, is truly heavenly. I see more now why Woodford is an artisan bourbon, because the small batches are BIG on quality, and it's a loving process!

Wild Turkey meant we got to see a larger distillery in the works... It was no Woodford, but it was still pretty neat! We had some amazing peach tea before the tour started, and got to meet the Master Distiller... 3 of the 5 of us who went got bottles signed of the same stuff he drinks, which is a 10-year small batch.
And Four Roses, which happens to be my favorite bourbon by far... We really just saw the grounds because we were too late for the tour, but I was glad to get to see it because the grounds really are stunning. But my passport is filling up!

...experienced an amazing trip to Los Fresnos, TX and Matamoros, MX with 24 amazing youth and 5 other amazing sponsors. We built a bouse! Made a home for someone! AND made the temporary home for those working on houses at the Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries campus more liveable. we tiled a floor, painted walls, scraped ceilings, and painted tons!
We made a difference, stateside and in the poorest areas of Matamoros... Working with the young woman who would be living in the house was probably one of the most rewarding parts of it for the youth. They all walked away changed and renewed because we took a time of rest after our hard work at South Padre Island! And then we saw San Antonio for an afternoon before we flew home.

...spent a week in Heaven on Earth at Camp Christian with 51 amazing campers. I led the Small Group for the oldest kids at camp- those going into 9th grade. It was more awesome than I can put into words to be able to give back to a place that gave me soooo much when I was still a camper there. And the youth I had in Small Group were the ones who I started out with when I was graduating from high school and starting out as a counselor... They've grown and changed a lot over the years, but I have too. It's the best kind of different to be a counselor in the same place I was a camper. And to be a part of someone coming to the descision to be baptized was HUGE. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good group photo... I was really more concerned with being a part of camp, not recording it... or, that's what I told myself when I forgot to recharge my camera battery...

...sewn my fingers off altering clothes for my aunt... She's lost a good bit of weight and is shopping in her closet! It feels great for her to be able to do it, and I'm loving working with such NICE things... And I think I'm learning a lot about the changes the body goes thorough after menopause in the process, but how close the bodies of the women in my family really are is, by far, the coolest part of it all. There's a vintage dress Nana, my grandmother, made in the 50s and wore regularly. And my aunt wore it

... started writing a sermon. I preach on August 8. I've also been fortunate enough to take communion to nursing homes and meet some really amazing ladies who share a really unique friendship.

What can I say? I've had a very busy and very blessed summer so far.

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