Saturday, July 24, 2010

A skirt and a dress

Well folks, here is some honest-to-goodness wardrobe planning!
I made a stop at Hobby Lobby(read: the only fabric store around) to pick up thread, and they happened to have one of their wonderful sales going that day... Simplicity patterns were 99 cents each. The only time I buy big 4 patterns is if I get them for 50% off or more, so I was super excited! 6 came home with me, 2 of which I have immediate plans to sew up!
Cynthia Rowley has some great patterns for Simplicity, and I picked up top pattern 2593(pictured) this week, and dress pattern 2586 which has a very similar line and a deep hem in the spring... and I am going to combine the two! A dress with that amazing, fun neckline. Did I mention it's stash fabric from my grandmother? A dress for under 5 dollars? WIN!
And I am also going to make a corduroy miniskirt, using Simplicity 2564 as a starting point, and adding front and back pockets and a 2-button tab while subtracting some length to make a great casual skirt for tights and boots this winter. And all I have to put into it is the cost of buttons and the pattern. Stashed coduroy! A 5 dollar skirt!
Look at me, gabbing on my sewing day... I finished a box of alterations to send which means I can sew for me. So I am going to make the most of it!

Happy Saturday!

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