Saturday, July 24, 2010

Halfway there...

...And I discovered another fabric cat along the way. Meet Abigail.
Well, I spent yesterday afternoon drafting: to lengthen the Cynthia Rowley top (Simplicity 2593) to a dress and to basically invent a skirt. Simplicity 2564 served as a rudimentary sloper of sorts, but I took 3 inches out from the waist up and 4 off of the hem. No more back vent, no more back zip... now it's no the side. And did I mention the pockets? There are pockets now. Comparing the pattern pieces that Simplicity gave me to my own is quite hilarious. It's like the pattern had a baby. A hip, casual baby.
With all of these changes I thought it best to make a wearable muslin first... and BOY was I glad I did when I put the skirt on! I have to take 3 inches out of the waist to get rid of the unsightly gaps at the back and sides, and the pockets... Well, they'll need some adjusting. A bit small at the moment. But, I think I am headed in the right direction, and the goals of today were to correct the fit issues by tapering the center back seam and the sides, and get this skirt to the point of real thread colors and a zipper! I could slip it on without a problem today, which, needless to say, is a problem in itself.
Progress was made, in that I bought said zipper, but no real adjusting yet. Real life and a long lunch got in the way. Pins are in, and they made a world of difference, and I plan to hunt and peck in stashes for a fun cotton to play facing to my denim, but I have a question for anyone experienced in waistband world out there... Interfacing on the denim or the cotton?
Because it was constructed to be taken apart, the skirt went pretty quickly, and I got the body of the dress done, short of hems and armhole facings, but I want to finish up the collar, a teeny fit issue and armhole facings before I do photos! I will post about it soon... but not tomorrow.
Tomorrow I sew for my aunt, and make eleventy-billion phone calls in an effort to make the rest of my week smoother. Then, I go on the search for the perfect planner... You know, the kind that a proper, employed-as-a-youth-minister-seminary-student would have? That wouldn't be confused with those of her high school youth? Being a grown-up is HARD.

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