Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today I...
  • Did measurements for tutus, and cut EVERYTHING. All 30+ yards! Assembly lines and plans, really just knowing what I'm doing, are all SO helpful. I have a feeling, if this works the way I think it will, then it'll be CAKE to have these in the mail by Tuesday. As long as I have light tonight, because sewing the pretty fine colors of tuelle is like sewing on air. And the cute little ones wearing these will love them.
  • Will take pictures of the first finished tutu... on a teddy bear, probably.
  • Got some awesome research materials for my sermon... My minister let me take 2 commentaries home with me, and I am enjoying thinking about my topic. And knowing people at church will be encouraging me to preach how I preach and not how our pastor does, as I felt today with promises of prayers and pats on the back, was just AWESOME. And the great group of people who all seem to gravitate toward the same few places for lunch really are awesome and a source of strength for each other... A family within the church family. More amazing than anything.
  • Am generally feeling better. My foot doesn't hurt as much or have as many fun colors, and there was a big storm and a good-size sinus headache looming yesterday... with both all moved out, I'm peachy!
  • Still have work to do. I send out a job application first thing tomorrow, so I need to double-check and write a cover letter.
  • Am so thankful for kind responses of yesterday. And sorry I went all grouchy on everyone.

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