Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Holy Cow.

That seems to be a dominant phrase in my vocabulary this week. Really and truly. It's been a holy cow kind of month. As in Holy COW it's gone by fast. And it's picking up some more. And there's a ton going on. And my body choses, when all of this was happening, to hit me with 2 days of stomach ick. Thank goodness I feel better. I have a (busy) countdown...

6 days till the move-in date.
5 days till my last Sunday in church.
4 days till my last mom-date before school starts.
3 days till I see my Godmother and go to the beach!
2 days till a meeting that's pretty important. And till I see W.
1 day till a job interview for a pretty awesome position.

That list doesn't mention packing. Or sewing. Both of which I have plenty of left to do! 2 summer dresses to finish up- one with a hem and a collar, and one attaching a bottom to its top. And then I have to wear them. Before Labor Day. Too much white to push it in either of them.

I suppose I should get back at it... and be thankful for all of the amazing things that are the cause of the busy-ness. I'm starting SEMINARY! Holy COW!!!

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