Monday, August 16, 2010


13 days.

WOW. What with an amazing hiking trip with my best friend W from camp and a sermon(which went really well... I thought about posting pieces but I dunno...) to fill up the last 2 weeks of my life, I didn't notice the last of my summer slipping by me as well! Oh, and the tutus. Which were an all-around hit.

In the next 2 weeks I have...

Alterations/sewing galore.
-I am conquering duplicates this week... The goal is 3 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of eyelet pants, a pair of slinky knit pants, and an additional, non-duplicate shirt. A pretty full box to be sure, and about that much to do next week too.
-I'm hoping to do 3 hours a day in alterations, and hoping, REALLY hoping, that it'll knock out the pile and send off multiple boxes a week.
-I have alterations to do for me too... so I will fill up a box and take a day to sew for myself before filling up the next box.... I have curtains- lined silk- that I want to be able to knock out as one of my first tasks in my new apartment.
-Remember I worked on a skirt and a dress? I have to finish those too, and I found CUTE, wide elastic for some quick-and-easy transition dresses, for the times in August/September where I wanna dress like it's fall but it's just too hot.

Time with my boys.
-I've been soaking up babysitting time for two boys, 3 and almost 6, like no other this summer, and wow will I miss them!
-I hope to get some pictures and their mom's permission to share them in the next week. Today I'll spend the afternoon with them.

Packing. Planning around a floor plan.
-I did a box for my kitchen today. Triumph! The big task will be to start gathering the things I need- setting up an apartment is a more expensive endeavor than I thought it would be, but I've been blessed to have some help and the ability to spread out some of the big expenses.
-I need to figure out what's left in the category of big expenses... And how to prioritize that.
-I might have friends helping me UN-pack! Which would be amazing... I miss my girls soo much and we've talked a bit about them possibly visiting before too much time elapses, which means I might have help doing some of my unpacking, and I'd get to explore my city with them.

Baking and sending.
-Care packages go to those who are starting school or have started, and cookies for the first day will be delivered by my boys this afternoon... Which means a quick batch is in order before I leave. Bar cookies to the rescue!

So much to do! But SO much I've soaked If I were to look at the summer as a whole, it's taught me life is too short... To do things you hate, to be mean, to miss out on things and people you love. It's too short for me not to be thankful and loving and use these two hands to do great things for other people. Use my time and prayer and all of it because I'm blessed. And remember that few things are more precious and worth soaking up than the words of wisdom from an older generation.

What have YOU soaked up this summer?

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  1. I miss you! Sooo much! I'm sure your new apartment will be beautiful and you are going to rock out this year. I want to come visit! And please mark June 18th on your calendar to come visit Lexington.;) You have a wedding to come to!


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