Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paradise has homework.

This place is awesome, but the STUDY part of Study Abroad is definately coming to the front of the room... I have tons of reading to do... But tons of pictures to share too. So, as I write this, I am reading 20 pages/writing a paragraph/reading 20 more pages...
Where was I? Oh yeah. Pictures.
Today's site? The Basilica Cistern. Well, it was actually Monday's, but the reading's getting intense. It was built with the same kind of plan some early churches used, so we visited it with my Christian Art and Architecture class. It's another one of those places you really have to see because pictures have no way of capturing the atmospere of a place- time really stands still there.
The idea of a nation being awesome enough to gather the columns for the place- stealing them from all kinds of places- is so neat... And the concept of a place having been expanded and improved upon is pretty awesome too. More than one group of people took pride in this place and kept it alive. This desire to leave a mark has always existed, but has been exemplified there in some way, shape or form for

There's no parallel for that in my narrow, Vanilla picture of life. No place where I can experience the inspiring power of innovators of centuries past. I see what they mean when they say travel changes your outlook on life. The awe of generations is contagious.

What the distance and the environment can offer makes things so clear in some circumstances- I can't wait to be able to get home and continue some of the conversations I started before I left. It puts me in a great place to reflect while I'm here, and I will be much healthier and more sure of myself for the experience.

And none of that would happen without the foundation I have- the innate lessons to keep my eyes open to God in every corner- the push of Divine inspiration I have been taught to see- and the desire to do my best to see and serve and show God in every way I can has made me a sponge in all of this. It's amazing, and I know this wouldn't be nearly as awesome of a journey without the family- genetic, church, and otherwise- that brought me to where I am.

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  1. Awesome photos! Gosh, I'm dying to travel too. :):):):)


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