Wednesday, July 15, 2009


With a birthday weekend and impending midterms, I have fallen behind. But I am okay with that. One of my professors at Transy never worries when she doesn't hear from her students after they've been abroad for a few weeks- She says they're too busy having experiences to tell her about them.
And I love telling you guys about everything. I've hit a lot of the broad strokes and touristy

things and academic things without telling you about life here. You know, the ins-and-outs. Like the weather. Or the food. Or how we have had a stomach bug going around(Another reason I havn't posted... Sunday night to Monday afternoon it got to me. Don't worry Mom, I am fine and completely re-hydrated and almost caught up on school stuff...)
Or about the giant hills covering our campus. Or our dorm rooms.
So today, a post in bullets. About life.
  • The weather would make any of you East of the Missisippi jealous and some of you West of it jealous, because the humidity is next to nothing. I mean it. We have been here for 2 weeks now and it has only rained once. And there hasn't been a day over 90 degrees, and I have lived rather comfortably without AC. Most of the time.
  • Which would naturally bring me to our dorms... The beds are typical dorm beds, only they flip up and have storage. Cool huh? And we have one of the dorms that has good airflow, which makes our lack of AC more bearable than in other rooms. Our shelves and desks are great, I have rather adequate closet space, and the bathroom is ours and ours alone. And the girl I am sharing a room with is a friend from Transy. Peggy's pretty awesome. And in that picture on the coastline on your Left.
  • The hills... deserve pictures. I don't knowthe math but I can tell you they are STEEP. And I will have legs of steel for walking up them. All the time. I walk up this hill to get from my dorm to the rest of campus, and up an even bigger hill to get to the outside world. It's kinda crazy but I don't think I mind too terribly much due to the legs of steel factor. And the fact that there's occasionally a campus shuttle running that takes us up the hills.
  • The greenery... I am living in a climate for foliage. I don't know that I have ever seen so many roses in my life. They are everywhere... As are other of my favorites... Like Hydrangeas in every color under the sun, and we have pine trees and marigolds and hollyhocks taller than I am and lots of other stuff I see at home. But really, the roses make my heart happy. And if I saw honeysuckle I would think I really were in Paradise.
  • Food... Oh I have reading to do for class. Guess you'll just have to wait and see, she said with a sly grin.

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