Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh my gosh has it really only been 3 days?


So much fun stuff... I mean, we took the ferry from Asia to Europe. And I had tea under a bridge last night.
And the view from the bridge? Amazing. And went to one of the Princess Islands today!
We walked along the shore before we took a ferry. This is the ferry station.
Then we bargained for bikes to ride to the beach, and it was really hilly...
Which meant we had an appetite when we got back to the other shore for dinner at this beautiful resteraunt.

I know it sounds like we're doing an awful lot, but really, the pace of life here is SO leisurely. It puts some of the girls, myslef included, in mind of Charleston or Savannah. I love it. It's not as fast-paced and cut-throat as life could be in the New York of Turkey... We're nowhere near any type of downtown, and I love that... And I love having moments where I realize this is the trip of a lifetime and a gift, truly truly a gift.

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