Monday, July 6, 2009

Aonther beautiful site.

... Is the church-turned-mosque-turned museum, the Kariye Camii, one of the most well-preserved works of mosaic and fresco from the 13th/14th century. When they turned it into a mosque, they plastered over the mosaics everywhere except for in the sanctuary, where they tore everything out. So we have ot imagine the ornate sanctuary, but it's pretty incredible to see what IS there and know it's been there before Columbus was a twinkle in his mother's eye, much less out making discoveries.
As a museum they charged us an entrance fee, but it was SO worth it. I am gonna let the pictures do most of the talking. This is the last of the real sites we saw Saturday, and I saw 3 today! It's awesome to have class on-site.
This first batch is frescoes- amazing and vibrant colors.
There others are the mosaics. Words cannot describe and pictures simply don't do justice to the complexity and beauty.

Oh, and Lory asked me about the weather!
There is next to no humidity with highs between 80 and 90 during the day and nice breezes, and nights are a balmy 70something. There's not really AC, but the breeze with wide-open windows and an open door is plenty of cross-ventilation, and really without the mugginess I don't miss it. I know. Weird right?

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