Monday, May 11, 2009

I caved...

...and bought 2 knit dresses for Istanbul. But we were at Target, and they were on sale, and SOOO comfy. Like really. It's ridiculous how much like pajamas these things feel Pajamas I will happily wear to work and be cute in. And wear around Istanbul... They are pretty modestly cut for RTW... I was attracted to the sleeves on the grey one for just such a reason.
I originally was going to kick all black in my wardrobe to the curb for the summer, but I picked this dress up and it. felt. like. buddah. Smooth, smooth, smooth... And when I think about other black already in my wardrobe that could work, it's worth taking an extra pair of shoes after all...
And I know I could have done it, probably as good or better for less money, but shopping with the girls is shopping with the girls, and some basics are just nice to buy. Ready made. And you know what? I will more than likely put them on my dressform and figure out how to make replicas because they are SOOO perfect.

On another note entirely, I want your thoughts. I thought about doing a travel blog, or just updating this one. I really have no idea who reads, or if I've asked this before,but do y'all want to hear about Istanbul? Or should I set up a blog for it? Like really, I have no idea. But you should tell me what you think. There is a poll on the sidebar for just that.

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  1. That's neat that you get to spend 6 weeks in Istanbul! I spent 6 weeks in Ankara a few years back and must say, Istanbul is probably my favorite city that I've been to!


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