Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello Strangers!

I know it's been a while, and lotsa crafting has indeed been happening... in the form of hats, buying fabric, thumnailing/line drawing the final rendition of my summer wardrobe, and today I did letters of our names on Greek letter shirts!

I have, since posting fabric pictures, accrued something like 15 yards of fabric... And get this... I already have plans for ALL of what I bought! From right to left: embroidered cotton for a skirt, poly/cotton twill for pans, brown rayon for a summer-weight duster-type thing, purple sweater-knit for a cardigan, and blue stretch knit for a really fun and cute dress. These are all for my summer trip... And I will be adding some prints to the mix soonish. When the right ones call to me.

But for now, toodaloo! Off to meetings and dinner with my soroity family.

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  1. Hey buddy:

    Congratulations on your purchases. They are very pretty fabrics. I'm excited to hear more about your wardrobe. :):):)



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