Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Even big kids color.

Apparently photographing my "storyboard" while it sits on my lap is not my strong suit... But it turned out okay. This is an okay color representation, and I am already working on some refashion pieces and have a bit of time blocked out to work on other pieces before I go to camp... and when I get back. Right now I think it's simply a matter of making the magic happen. And making choices... I have a lot to work on... order is gonna be a big deal.
I think I'll probably do similar things in order, for the sake of simplicity. And being on a roll.
1. Ivory dress. It's already started.
2. Pink dress. I started it too, and would like to wear it to church before I leave with
3. Ivory coverup. Not pictured, but will happen.
4. Asymmetric skirt... need to finish it to test drive it at camp.
5. blue knit dress... I want to test drive it too
6. brown knit dress... Also deserves a test drive
7. Blue pants. I think they'll look nice enough to travel in. If I don't wear a skirt.
8. Tan pants. I'll do them second since my mind isn't made up as to which ones to make...
9. Coverups in pink and eggplant... I already have one fabric, have to find the other. But I can cut and sew them at once.

Kay. Lunchtime. List will be continued at a later date.

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