Saturday, June 16, 2012

More pretties!

I took the plunge and ordered the Colette Sewing Handbook
I have one Colette pattern(I have to narrow down choices some more before I pop over to Whipstitch), which should make an appearance in the fall.  (sleeves in the summer? Thanks but no thanks…)
I really just like the way these lovely ladies write.  So much.  Plus, the styles seem like a veritable jumping-off point for SO many other things that I’d like to sew... and although reviews have painted it as a basic/beginner book, I feel it's always a good thing to have at least one or two of those on the shelf.  You never get better if you don't have solid basics, and you can never help anyone else get better without being able to explain those basics!
 I’m just so happy to feel inspired these days, and the Coletterie is simply bursting at the seams with fun and inspiring things- and oh, the colors. 
 The forum! I love how contagious the inspiration and the fresh, retro-mod lines of these patterns is.  I simply cannot wait to get this book and dig in! 

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