Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 weeks ago:
I have fallen off the wagon.
I haven’t sewn much- at all- in the month of May, even though my list of projects is long and full of fun, interesting things… A great supplement to my existing wardrobe full of fun, comfy things.  I kind of just wish I could sew it all and that I had the time and the motivation and the space to do that. 
I want to be productive in so many ways.  I want to start yoga and start running and doing core work and I’m having the trouble actually getting out and doing it all… Sigh.
 Finals are over.  It’s not high-stress anymore, and I so don’t have that excuse any longer. 

… And then, today, it was almost like a switch flipped and I magically have the energy to think about tackling some of the projects on the list… Getting them down to handwork for the 2-hour car ride I have Sunday. 
So, some modest (ha! ...But I do have mojo on my side) goals…
-cut two dresses out:  basically 2 versions of the same dress.  They have POCKETS. I can wear them at camp.  Need I say more?  And, one of these is a palate challenge garment.
-Assembly-line sew the dresses:  I can do both at once and make it work...just do more steps at once.  There’s a great post about this over on Whipstitch
-While I’m at it, I may assembly-line a skirt or 2 in there too... just use the same thread color and do side seams and waistbands and hems and things all at the same time...I just don’t seem to have enough good skirts(read: skirts with pockets) these days.
-Picnic blanket project… SO EXCITED about this… My sewing buddy T and I have been cooking this one up for a while now, and it’s happening!  SO excited.  If y'all like it, maybe we can cook up a tutorial and a pattern.  

Alright.  Happy day!

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