Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Autumn is coming, and I can feel it.
There are tights showing up on campus. Sweaters are making appearances. The leaves are doing all the turning they'll do in Atlanta, and it makes my heart happy. During my bike ride last weekend, I was rejoicing over having to wear long sleeves and the SMELL. The smell of Fall is in the air and just lifts my heart.
A new season is pushing me- making me think about how and why I live as I do. And I realize, bigtime, that I am blessed to be here- taking another 3 years of my life to devote to study and to preparation for ministry, in whatever that means for my life and in my life.
The world is alive in Autumn, bringing forth bounty in the land- a time of harvest and fruitfulness. The world glows with color, and it makes my heart happy. It's a time for change too. A time where we prune back and plan- and I can't help but think about how we get ready for winter besides our wardrobes...

Any thoughts? How do you prepare when you finish changing clothes over?

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