Monday, December 7, 2009

December is INSANE.

Sooo I am getting back into the swing of things, and feeding my fabric addiction, and I suppose I should start thinking about Winter Break sewing goals, although I have a pretty awesome sewing goal to accomplish before then... Remember Dawn? The dress that never happened for a formal that never happened?
Well, that fabric was still destined for "greatness". Imagine this strapless neckline, knee length, with kick pleats over each leg, but maintaining the same clean silhouette- a sort-of straight but not pencil-skirt line.
You know, this will be easier to explain with pictures. Which I will take.But for now I used another line drawing to kinda make a point... I've drafted the pattern (using a straight skirted strapless dress as a starting point), cut, and assembled to the point of pleats pinned to insert.

Bought the lining and other unnecessary but truly wonderful things today- and the lining was the only thing I bought full price! I'll share those, jewelry made for the dress, and some other projects when I have my camera.

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