Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I think I have the stuff to do it to it this time... I am spurred onward and inspired by newest acquisitions in the stash- and some old ones. So at the moment, I have things I would like to make. It's honestly a matter of getting to them, and of making a cohesive wardrobe come of getting to them. Things I'd like to make... Stars mean I have fabric.

2 dresses:
*brown/eggplant retro print matched print?
*brown jersey knit
*brown herringbone wiggle dress

6 tops:
*purple sweater knit tunic-type thing unusual closure
some fun shirt featuring entre-deux- maybe dotted Swiss?
long/half-sleeve tshirt
embellished tee

2 bottoms:
*embroidered cotton circle skirt fill in w/color along top opening edge to feature embroidery
*charcoal/navy twill kickpleat skirt

plus one:
*wiggle dress

Financially, stash, and planning-wise I am in better shape this year.But first, finals...

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