Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful for 30...

I really do have SOOO much to be thankful for, and as late in the month as it may be, I committed to doing it and have done poorly, but I will have 30 reasons, one that happened on each day. And I will put them all here!

1.Bad Descisions Brunch- a time my friends and I get together on Sunday mornings and revel in Saturday evening's events... including some bad descisions, and many more laughs and remembering good ones.
2. Boys who play girls in the theater
3. Dancing in Fall leaves... SOOOO many wonderful colors this year!
4.Tech Crew fun times backstage
5. The scene in V for Vendetta about Guy Fawkes Day... "Remember, remember the Fifth of November..." ...We watched it as a study break for a big exam
6. Knowing the answers for exams
7. Naps.
8. Lunch with my youth group followed by fun with my actors... AND no big long photo call!
9. A day during the run of a show in which I don't have to enter the theater... Feels magical!
10. Playing Powderpuff Football with my sorority sisters, and having friends come watch!
11. Times to laugh with my classmates.
12. Revisiting SG (Stitcher's Guild) for the first time in a long time
13. Simple exams
14. A smooth Strike for what could be my last Strike... It is really an amazing thing to have watched an organization grow, and then to be okay with the idea of letting it go. Sitting at pizza party after Strike that night, I was really... okay with it.
15. Nintendothon! A philanthropy event for Pi Kappa Alpha's chapter at my school... I sponsored 2 members of the fraternity and was sponsored by 2 members of the fraternity and 3 of my sorority sisters. It raises money for Toys for Tots. Over the course of the weekend I played 12 hours of video games!
16. good hugs
17. feeling pretty
18. an empty feed on Google Reader
19. new media to play with in Drawing for the Theater- playing with black paper is neat!
20. Good friends who will let me take over kitchen tables and get work done
21. Piling people onto couches and getting to spend time talking and laughing into the wee sma' hours- nights you may not completely remember with people you know you could never ever completely forget are the stuff college is made of.
22. good coffee and good friends- and any occasion, even homework, that brings the two together.
23. throwing lessons- I learned to build a teapot!

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