Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jessica with pictures!

Well, Jessica was a very nice-looking Rabbit. She was really pretty amazing until we were rained on on our way back from the dance. And when I say rained on, I mean soaked-to-the skin, shoes hidden, chilly wind, not-a-dry-stitch-on-my-body kind of rain. It was an adventure. And taffeta does not like to come off of rained-on Rabbits. Not one bit. As a result there are no head-to-toe shots of us, but I'm happy to share what exists...I had to do a bit of alteration, and even though this was made from a self-drafted pattern 3 years, a dress size, and 10 pounds ago, I found myself removing fabric. I used a combination of French and pinked seams, facing the slit that ended up being approximately 8 inches above my knee. With nude-toned micronet stockings and 5-inch heels, I felt pretty awesome.

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