Friday, January 6, 2017

UFOs... A Complete List

So flipping through Instagram I've seen several things about finishing UFOs, and even a challenge to make it happen. Then over on the Stashbusting Sewalong  folks started LISTING all of their UFOs, and making goals about finishing them??!
What is this madness- no more half-done projects lying about and sucking all of our creative juices?

Well, actually, that sounds pretty good...

I'll join in.  Listed, by category, from oldest to youngest:

1: Made by Rae Washi Dress, ca. Spring 2013 At this point, I think it would be safe to call this a wearable muslin... In retrospect, the colors aren't great and I'm not sure I'm quite the same size!

2: Colette Juniper Pants, ca. Fall 2013(I think?)Started in a butter-soft peachy twill, I'm hoping they'll fit.  I love the idea of these pants for Spring!

3: Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers, ca. Fall 2013(I think) Started in a hunter green twill, they'll go with a lot, and I really want to wear these! Hopefully soon!

4: Raspberry circle skirt/dress refashion, ca Summer 2013 I made a backless dress out of this lovely, drapey stuff in 2010.  And then turned it into an infinity dress in 2011.  And I ripped that apart in 2013.  It's all set to become a skirt with the awesome yoga waistband that could be a strapless dress in a pinch, because that's a lot closer to what my life needs right now.

5:  Turquoise shot cotton TNT shirt, ca 2015 I ran out of thread and it all went downhill.  Back to the machine soon with this one!

6: Seamwork Moji Pants, ca Summer 2016 They really don't have far to go... I want to try something a little different in the waistband, and I have to cut another piece.

7: Red mini, ca Summer 2016 This one was self-drafted, and may be a wadder, but I should sew the button on and find out for real, don't you think?

Accessories(sewn and knit):
8/9: Self-drafted weekenders for me and for the husband: Simple box shape, a couple pockets in the lining, and a big pocket along the front.  Zipper closure.  Kraft-tex accents(sews like paper, looks like leather... Very cool stuff!)

10: bag for a good friend: Another self-drafted thing.  Block-fused, cut out, and ready to go!

11: checkerboard scarf: This one is knitting.  It's an infinity scarf, and it's a way to get used to alternating between knitting and purling, and it's been so fun to carry around and work on!

For the Home/Office:
12/13: Re-cover the wingbacks:  It'll get 12 yards and about twice that in piping out of the stash.  Plus, the 'before' on these is too crazy to live with for much longer.  It's a good thing they're comfy.

14: Slipcover the chair-and-a-half at work: It's silly that I haven't already finished this.  Only one arm, the skirt and the cushion to go.

15: Chunky knit blanket: This is my car-knitting.  SO bulky and warm, and much more pleasant to work on since I got circulars to use on it.

16: Curtains at work!: Sheers that will add character more than anything else, but that I look forward to having, nonetheless.

17:  Sampler Quilt for our bed, using (some) blocks from the Farmer's Wife Quilt: Really, this one has become the best kind of hodgepodge.  Lots of blocks from the book, with extras from blocks I've taught or wanted to recreate from Pinterest.

18: Star Sampler couch quilt: Born of the cool assortment of star blocks I've come across, and designed to hone some skill-sets.  I am excited to get these in my living room.

19: Oxford Comma Quilt: Charm squares and lots of prayers in this one.  No real pattern.

20: Quarter-log-cabin Baby Quilt: For a cool little one of a good good friend, whose children I used to take care of.  It's back from the long-armer, and just needs binding.

21: Scrappy Trip for a Baby Cowboy: A sweet little chunk of a boy needs some handmade love too.  Working on big-stitch quilting this one off-and-on.

22:  Scrappy potholder palate cleansers: So close on these! Just need to back and bind them, and they're little so they should go quick.

23: Christmas Scrappy Trip: 2/12 blocks done, and another 4/12 begun.  All the fabric is cut.  This will be good mindless sewing, if nothing else...

I think that's all of them.  I HOPE that's all of them.  Here's hoping they get finished off in 2017!


  1. Wow! Get it!! :-) You are brave for listing them all. Just think, if you do 2 each month, you will finish them this year!

    1. haha so true!
      Hoping to get to them as color changes on the machine permit, or just tacitly tell myself to let go. Maybe 2 a month should be the goal, but that's kind of tough with the quilts...

  2. Wow, that's quite the list! I honestly don't think I'll have anything to add to the stashbusting group for this one, as I do nearly always sew a project from start to finish before moving on to the next. Now knitting is another story...

    1. Yeah, knitting... I get bored. I cast on a blanket to learn increases and decreases since writing this post. I'll add it to the update for February.


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