Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Studio

I love the word studio... It is more inspiring to me than "sewing room" and generally makes my heart pretty ding-dang happy.

Our house is a parsonage, which means it has to be big enough to house a family of 4 or 5, but there are only 2 of us, and we have 4 bedrooms... Which means we each took a bedroom to be used for workspace.  Jon's functions as an office/library, and mine functions as a studio/guest room.  Over the year and a half we've lived in this space, I've had... oh... 3 different configurations with existing furniture that we already had?  And none of them were really working, so I didn't use the space.  For Christmas this year, my big gift was a studio refresh.
Ikea legs went onto custom-cut MDF, painted white and sealed, for a sewing table, and another long, beautiful surface was set up on top of bookshelves(expedit, again, thanks to IKEA) to be counter/cutting height.  Perfect for quilty endeavors, and for folding stash.

I have 2 closets, one holding WIPs, odds and ends, and Christmas decor; and the other holding quilting cottons, upholstery supplies, and notions- and both are getting overhauled and evaluated.

Built-in drawers still hold thread, batting, the notions that don't fit in my cute card catalog, and scrapbook/painting/craft supplies- which I do use on occasion.  And above, a bookshelf we made with scrap wood covers up a boxy mirror and holds all of my big cuts(above a yard) of woven fabrics- everything from quilty backings to apparel fabric.  Once upon a time, it was all sorted by weight, but as I am pushing the boundaries of that poor bookshelf, it's more by color.
Do y'all see why I need to sew my stash off this year?!

Another bookshelf holds knit fabric, office supplies, old photos in their boxes, and WIPs in the Clementine boxes.  There's a serger that needs some mechanical help sitting there too- it was a hand-me-down and I've got to find someone to help me get it up and running this year.
 The goal, by the end of the year, is that the only WIPs will be in the Clementine boxes- and to eliminate the big bin of them in the closet...  We shall see!

It's funny how spaces have the potential to get creative juices flowing in all kinds of different ways.  Hopefully this iteration of the studio will be good to me!

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