Monday, May 22, 2017

State of the Stash

So, some things are happening in the Anachronism household.
And that means boxing up EVERYTHING because shiny new jobs and big opportunities are on the horizon.  Our new house will mean a  bit of a different sewing room/studio configuration, and that's something to get excited about, but it's also something I have to be more intentional about.
My sewing space will be taking over half of our den- I think having the machine out where I can get to it and sew while enjoying family time is going to make a difference in my productivity.

It means I am re-doing my catalog, and streamlining.  
Stash totals are being completely re-counted, some UFOs are being abandoned.  Fabric isn't making it into the new system or into a box if it's not something I can see myself using.  A lot of polyester from days gone by is going away.

Now, I did the UFO list in the Spring, but I'm a little terrified about this update the fabric catalog, because that would be revealing how much fabric I bought(gulp) or forgot about(sheesh) in 2015/16 when I was working on the catalog to begin with.
But then I bought more fabric last week, and I remembered how much fabric I actually have used, and I decided maybe I should bite the bullet and maybe even give myself a little bit of encouragement- and an accurate place to begin from as I put my hands on every piece of fabric to put them in boxes and move them.

We've got 3 weeks till the truck comes, and I have projects to finish between now and then, and a good amount of house to pack up.  Wish me luck!


  1. Tallying up the stash is such a huge job, but so worth it. I have no regrets about the time I spent doing it several years ago, and it's been easy to maintain the spreadsheet on my computer. Which is invaluable now that my sewing "room" is only half of our walk in closet, and I have to store my fabric in a closet under the basement stairs. Basically most of my old craft room contents are in that closet, and I have to roll out a big wire shelf to get to the fabric, so the computer list is an invaluable resource for me now. Good luck with all of the packing/purging/cataloging, and I hope your new space sees you starting with a stash that you're truly excited about!

    1. And oops, I didn't realize I'd said invaluable twice in such close proximity. That's what I get for reading/writing on my kindle, the screen keyboard blocks my writing!

  2. There is nothing like a move to make you reevaluate your stash. :-) Best of luck with the move!!


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