Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SWAP pictures: Refashion edition

First, the refashioning dresses...

This is the darlingest vintage eyelet I think I have seen recently, and I say that because it's unusual. It was once white and belonging to my mother, and now you see the skirt of what will be a really great dress... I have pleated the skirt from its full original width down to my waist measurement, and it'll have a side zip and decorative buttons at the top. No matching pattern, not enough fabric.

The first cafe-au-lait brown will be in the running for a dress to wear to my boyfriend's commissioning in May. I like the idea, in theory- we shall see. It's thought to be a silk-linen
blend- all I really know is it drapes really beautifully
and I like it for a 40s-style knockout dress with somewhat military detailing.
I'm really excited about it- It should be a joy to sew with because it's really nice. I know it's dry clean only though, which will be a bit of a bother, but really, I just need to suck it up and find a good dry cleaner. Something with good lines in a good fabric
deserves the attention, and I'm a big girl now. It's one of those things that just need to happen.

The second, lighter cafe-au-lait brown is a linen shirt dress with a button front. It'll be something cute with an empire waist and strappy straps if I think there is enough to do it that way with a little over-jacket. If not, I think it'll be strapless but classy- or a halter cut. Just a good summer linen with an awesome twirling skirt. Because every girl, no matter her age, deserves a skirt that is twirly. And a swing-dancing boyfriend is plenty of incentive if there wasn't already. And another bonus? It has pockets. SCORE!

Those are my 3 refashions, and this lovely (okay, I was using my bed for all of these in less than ideal lighting. Insanely short on space in my itty bitty dorm room...) shot is of all of my current fabrics for SWAP.

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