Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: A 6PAC plan

Wardrobe Wednesday might be the place for this and it might not but let’s look together, shall we?
The Spring/Summer Queue originally, with edits in the indents:
Brown bike-able skirt… maybe knit, maybe a bubble.
Instead, I’m gonna do a grey/blue pleated skirt with pockets and a wide waistband. I’ll pull out that brown knit for a bubble this summer.
Scraps of the purple-white floral dress to a bike-able skirt
This might happen, but it isn't something I need for work.
Breezy white woven top
Another breezy top
Already in progress, and it’s grey and white paisley print and uses piping.  Look for a post upon completion. 
Rie Dress In the NON-MATERNITY version
If I can find some good lace, I may still make this one… but I have to see if the pattern would work with a woven.  I have a dotted Swiss in mind for this one, so I might get pretty picky here. 
Shirtdress- blue Oxford cloth
Might be a Summer dress… especially if I can work out the fit on M5801.  I think if I just assembly line the construction for this and for the Easter dress of yore I would have 2 awesome summer dresses that’ll go into the fall like a dream. 
Not on the list:
Alter vintage white eyelet dress- It was my mom's and she's passed it on, and I hope to wear it for Easter!
Finish brown-and-white pinstripe dress- will go into Summer really well, especially when more brown starts to play in the rest of my wardrobe.
A white knit tee

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