Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas promises

I am not buying a single pre-made, straight-from-a-big-box-store decoration for my home for Christmas.
There, I said it, so it MUST be true.  Right?

I did buy things…
An angel to hang over my nativity (Ten Thousand Villages, an amazing Fair-Trade store)
A tree stand (bought at the local Ace Hardware)

And I have a few things…
Christmas balls purchased on sale last year after Christmas
White lights
Crystal from an old chandelier
Ornaments from our family Christmas tree that I’ve cherished since I was a kid
A nativity, made in Peru, from my mama

As for making things?
Already started on paper ornaments.  These are so much fun, and will make great bows for Christmas gifts!
An idea is floating around in my head for a tree skirt.  Thrift Store here I come…

It’s the holidays, y’all. 
What are you making?

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