Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter dress: Simplicity 4224

I did make an Easter dress… From scratch, in spite of and because of my crazy schedule… I say in spite of and because of because at times, it really is a both/and thing. I sew despite being busy, and because of how busy I am, if that makes any kind of sense at all. The sewing gives a measure of sanity… It’s something that is really and truly calming… especially the things that don’t involve fitting. When it’s just the work of hands making something 2-D change and morph to live and breathe, it’s exhilarating.

When I get to use my hands to make things for others, I am giving them a piece of my heart and I have an unparalleled way to show love. I get to connect with generations- the one that is forming now- and those who have passed… and it all happens with a needle and thread.

Ah, waxing poetic…

You don’t want ot listen to me ramble, you want to know about this dress…

The fabric started life as 3 yards of "jade" Calvin Klein cotton with lycra from fabricmart... long sold out now. It has a definite right and wrong side, and I used the wrong side with the right side for the sake of matching, serendipitously PERFECTLY with a suit I already have. It's the best. Everything came from stash, and so my numbers are happily changing... one of these days I'll have a real, working table over on the side.

From start to finish(in the current form) it took about 4 hours, including the pattern alteration that gave me my fun time kick pleats… which, already, have proven to be completely worth it. I do want to go back and add some embellishment and redo the facings to add some lining and make everything fit how it really should. The pleasant thing- a truly lovely surprise- was the fact that there weren’t ten million and four alterations needed concerning the princess seams… I don’t know if it was the pattern, forgiving fabric, a combination of the two, or just… magic… but I will re-use these when it’s finally time for me to make a sloper.

I did, however, wind up taking the thing in by at least 3, if not four inches total on the sides, which was a bit frustrating. However, it stayed on my body without the elastic mentioned in the instructions, and I didn't have to do the pull-up-constantly maneuver some strapless dresses require. I like the drop waist, and it twirls. It's a win, to be embellished later.


  1. Really very nice. Love the color!

  2. Pretty color for you! Love the swishy skirt of your dress. Happy Easter!


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