Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well friends, I’ve been silent, but that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything. The Christmas season is always busy in churches, and mine was no exception. We had an absolutely beautiful Christmas Eve service, and then I was off to W’s parents after dinner with a family from church. My Christmas gifts were things for my apartment and clothes, and all of them were things I can use and will wear. But W’s grandmother made sewing boxes out of old cheese boxes… They are quilted and soo useful. I said goodbye to the Tupperware that held the supplies I’ve been carrying with me before the morning was over!

Since the day after Christmas has rolled around, I’ve cut out and begun to sew 3 garments… a top, a dress, and a skirt. And here’s the fun part. They will give me 2 whole outfits by themselves and combine well with things in my wardrobe to make many, many more. I’ll start with the tops(the dress is a combination of patterns). Both are the infamous Burda turtleneck… but neither have long sleeves- the dress is a half-sleeve and the turtleneck is a short-sleeve. I suppose I’m incapable of actually making a pattern as it stands the first time out of the gate, but I think that’s also the same reason I sew. I like to make things the way I want them.

The first garment, the Burda Turtle- which is just a top- was my way of testing the waters with the pattern, so I used a blue-grey knit of undetermined fibers from the bargain table at Hancock’s. Right now the sleeves are basted in and I’m seriously considering just basting the whole thing to see how the fit is, because I, while writing this, am away from the sewing machine. And I want to know the first one fits and I like it before I get to the second one. Even though I have already cut it out.

The second is the dress, which is a Frankenstein mishmash…You know the top is the Burda turtle, cut off to be a high-waist/low empire length. The skirt is a shortened half-circle courtesy of Vogue 1027. I’ll join the two with a band that will provide a great place to showcase belts, and give me my waist.

The third garment is probably the most involved, but I’m hoping it’ll see the outside of my closet enough for me to say it’s worth all the time I’m taking with it. Remember that wine twill? I cut out the skirt and about 17 yards of 1-3/4” bias, which should be more than enough for the 2 laps that it has to make around the bottom and the facing on the waistband… I will interface the skirt itself, so hopefully the waist won’t grow too much. In between bias laps will be the loop of continuous bias tape I plan on finishing to the pint of stitching tonight. My first try with this method.

On the docket: a pattern for a makeup bag that will hold brushes too, a pattern and some cutting for 2 totes: One for me, one for Mom, and some flat pattern measuring and adjusting on a dress shirt.

Pictures as soon as life normalizes. Hope your holidays were splendid!

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