Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Works in progress

March was very rewarding, and it meant I started a few new things.
So here, a la Gwen at After the Dress, is a queue!

Things I started:
-McCalls dress: 5801, sleeveless in the awesome border print
-circle wrap skirt
-refashions on the linen dress
-refashions on the silk

Yet to start:
-alterations pile... quite huge
-a church dress
-chop off a skirt
-repair some winter stuff
-chop off a red dress
-white with brown pinstripes shirtwaist
-sloper for bodice with princess seams
-a cute embellished knit top

Again, not a contender for SWAP, but I really like the concept, even if my sewing IS more about filling in the holes right now.

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