Monday, April 19, 2010

A busy week

... But I DO have sewing goals, and I WILL have pictures!

For sure:
-Blue beach coverup for me
-pink beach coverup for Laura
-deep pink dress for "formal" on the beach

-pink dotted Swiss dress: I have seen lots of cute skirt fabrics with a top made with a purchased or similar shirt, and I like the idea of that... I have 2 fabrics I'm considering using, so we'll see!
-brown circle skirt on yoke: I still have to pattern the yoke, but I have some thoughts. So another we'll see. And I have trim and buttons already, so it'll be cute.
-changes to a dress of my Mom's- I wore it for my Senior portraits, and look forward to finishing some pretty cool modernizations that could make it a favorite this summer.

Definately outside of sewing:
I will be babysitting twice and writing a paper and doing the food shopping for a 4-day trip to the beach in SC! It's going to be a great way to spend my last May term break.
I'll also be addressing my graduation announcements- all 40 of them!

As far as SWAP goes, I won't finish.

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