Monday, January 18, 2010

SWAP and a new twist

Well, I think I am in it for five dresses... if my closet will tolerate the presence of five more dresses.

And if I do it, which I fully intend to, I'm going to make another commitment with this thing. It will be from things I have or that I am given from other people's stashes. My mom has some really awesome clothes from the 80s, when they used way more fabric and longer hemlines in everything. Much of it is still very usable and very very pretty. I have a pile of green eyelet, dyed twice, that was once a beautiful white dress she wore in the summers when I was very small. It means a lot to her that I am using it, and it means a lot to me to have it.

So my swap, Coffee and chocolate, will be retro-inspired. With Stash. I think that's fair. I know it's me.

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  1. Yes, go for dresses, from what you've said before on SG, I think you'd get wear out of them. Reusing and repurposing is a great idea. I tend to do this myself and using fabric from your mom's dress is perfect. I have remnants from my mom of my favourites from childhood and am just looking for a perfect project to use them in.


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