Monday, June 1, 2009

I live on a farm.

I don't know if y'all knew that, but I do when I'm home. And this has been a pretty farm-life week in some ways... very country girl at times.
I am used to the quiet again, and adjusting to "town" being a minimum of 3 miles away nd not having more than 1 stoplight. And the big kitchen table my mom was raised sitting at... round, and easily seats 10. Trust me, it will hold more, especially small ones. And it makes for a GREAT cutting table... I cut out a dress, and will baste and fit and cut another before bedtime! From my very own pattern!
My mom also works at a dairy and I visited her one day last week to steal her away for lunch...
This calf I am petting in the photo is Dulce de Leche. I named her because she's caralmel-colored... She was born on Easter Sunday. Mom was working and I was on the phone with her. Seeing her, tiny by comparison to her friends, and getting to wear my cowboy boots, affectionately called sh*t-kickers as per their purpose in some settings, and having lunch with my mom made my day.
And celebrating birthdays made my weekend, and seeing a neighbor's foals will be making my afternoon! Off again.

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